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Rochie 'Lola'
Brand: Crimplene
Material: 100% synthetics
Marime: 36-38
Dimensiuni: distanta dintre umeri: 38cm, bust: maxim 91,5cm, talie: maxim 75cm, sold: maxim104cm, lungime: 86cm
Rochie anii '50, maro simplu in partea de sus si cu flori brodate in partea de jos (galben/bleu/oranj), se inchide la spate cu fermoar lung, in fata are 3 serii a cate 3 nasturasi caramizii, decorativi, cambrata pe talie, evazata in partea de jos, este captusita in totalitate, are mici accente colorate si in partea de sus (cusaturi cu ata galbena si bleu la maneci, gat si piept). Foarte dragalasa si vesela.  Meet Lola, the retro young lady!

(The revolutionary fabric of 1950s fashion: when first introduced it was very expensive and could only be bought in upmarket dress shops. Crimplene was the original trade name for a polyester fabric. It enabled everyone to wear white and pastel colours because it could be washed easily. Unlike white nylon, polyester does not yellow with age and sunlight. The fabric also tailored well and could be made into button front, double breasted, wide collar dresses and retain a crisp appearance through washing)
Stare excelenta
Pret: 54 lei - VANDUT
Pantofi verzi de piele 'Durer' - 41 lei. Detalii aici

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